Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Corruption in America, a local Judge, John Damon, corrupt officials, and others help strangers steal a loving mother's daughter

Here's my first story I received via email. It's an almost unheard of story. I have documents that this person has sent to me and everything seems to check out. If you are interested in seeing the documents let me know.

I’m writing to report corruption in local and state government in regards to Wisconsin. Naomi (Gunderson) Bodway, sister of a former congressman Steve Gunderson, Judge John Damon of Trempleau County husband of Betsy Damon who works at Osseo-Fairchild School District, and other people in state government. They have forged documents (notarized by none other than Naomi Bodway's sister Kristine Boeckmann), signed orders illegally infringing on my constitutional rights and there is a conspiracy going on, in which I have manifold proof. I live in Virginia and need an investigation done. They have a son Nels C. Bodway who has so many felony counts brought against him in Wisconsin, but surprisingly almost all of them are always dropped, when in reality he should be in jail for life. He has many counts of leud acts with minors, drug charges, fraud, and the list goes on. Well this is no mystery these people know the judges, etc. You can go to wisconsin's public record here to see this:;jsessionid=3769EDB6AF949F5885CDC9DCB9BA82E1.render5?cacheId=21585A42418D2476383BDE022C50BFC3&offset=0&sortColumn=0&sortDirection=DESC They participate in government groups too. Here's a link of a group one of the people are in, government reform, well speak of the devil:

This is an urgent matter and must be handled immediately. I’m writing because I am in need of help. I went through a rough divorce in 2007. My now ex husband Dale Archibald was creating problems for me at home and work leading up to the divorce and destroying my relationship with all my friends, he eventually put me through duress, with verbal, physical, and even deadly threats (one time he put a shotgun to my head in front of my children). He pushed me out of our joint house which had a mortgage on it so I took my two children after I got a transfer to the Baltimore branch of the company I work at, and moved in with my mother and Step Father in Virginia as I was trying to get back on my feet. It was tough in the beginning due to the fact that my ex husband Dale Archibald drained the money out of our joint account, which was mostly my money. He than filed for bankruptcy and all the debt was pushed on me.
A long story short, my daughter was fine in Virginia, until Gerald and Naomi Bodway’s daughter Greta Bodway called my daughter and said she should come live with them to finish out the current school year. My daughter asked me if she could do this and I said no many times. The Bodway’s than called me and told me it would be like a foreign exchange program and Caitlin would be fine there for that school year. I told them no and they constantly called me and had their daughter Greta call Caitlin. She became very depressed and wouldn’t socialize or do anything and only said she wanted to go back to school in Wisconsin. I told her, I will only let you finish the current school year and than you are coming back for good. She said okay.
The Bodway’s guaranteed me everything would be fine and that she would be back after this school year. They told me I had to fill out school medical releases incase my daughter got hurt in school, due to the fact that she was in sports (which they used to forge a temporary guardianship paper in which Naomi had her relative Kristine Boeckman notarize although I did not sign and was not present.
Things started to change suddenly. The Bodway’s started acting suspiciously during Christmas break when I was up there to see my daughter. They tried to keep me from my daughter than and on New Years day.
Although I was very concerned I did not proceed any further besides telling Caitlin I want her to come back, because they were trying to keep her from me. Than Naomi Bodway (maiden name Gunderson) and Gerald Bodway started scheduling activities for Caitlin in the summer, vacations to other states, and many other things. When I confronted them about this they just said, Deb we know what’s best for your daughter. I was enraged, and I told them I was coming up to get my daughter back and they had Judge John Damon and the probate Kay Vold (both close friends with Naomi and Gerald Bodway as they like their acting and plays) file paperwork (filed illegally and not giving me any notice of a hearing ex-parte hearing and order for no reason, other than they knew the Judge John Damon who is a crook) forcing me to not be able to get my daughter once I arrived there from Virginia. They than had the local school superintendent come over (Kerry Jacobson) to the house (also a personal friend, and interfere). My lawyer keyed me into the fact that Judge John Damon and the Probate and the Bodway’s are personal friends and they spend a lot of time together outside of the court. I was also made aware, that there is a convicted felon Nels C. Bodway living at the residence from time to time when he is not in jail temporarily. f However the Judge said he doesn't live there, Nels that is, how what that possible when he was arrested by his own Father in April for stealing his father's wallet out of his dresser drawer? Nels C. Bodway son of Naomi and Gerald Bodway, the strangers who are trying to steal my daughter from me has been convicted of many counts and tried for many others. He had charges brought to court against him for selling drugs, fraud, selling drugs to minors, having sex with minors and many more other charges.
The Bodway’s were granted temporary guardianship of my daughter and they are now trying to and might be successful (have been successful in illegally stealing my daughter through the courts with their judge friends help) in getting permanent guardianship although I was not proved and I am not an unfit mother. Local corruption is what is allowing these cons and criminals to manipulate the law against my constitutional rights.
I have several investigations going on in the State level, the forged document and an inadequate investigation by a Guardian Ad Litem Carl Bahnson who was an attorney hired by the Bodway’s and appointed (Through the Bodway's attorney Terry Moore, who goes to sporting events with the Bodways, both their daughters are in sports) by Judge John Damon personal friend of the Bodway’s. The State Bar association is looking at my evidence, but still are investigating. As of now they said it looks like Carl Bahnson did not do a proper investigation (they wrote back saying he was fine) He didn’t even do background checks and just said that he never knew there was a convicted felon (Nels C. Bodway) living at the Bodways.
Not to mention the fact that they put my daughter on birth control without notifying I and they always allow the boys and girls who stay over to sleep in the same room with each other unsupervised. My daughter told me herself she was having sex and there is nothing I can do about it.
They are trying to take my daughter away from me, how is this legal? The local government is intervening in my rights as a United States Citizen. The Probate and Judge have been threatening my lawyer to drop it and let the Bodway’s have my daughter. Please help me. I have true paperwork and legal documents that correlate my story and claims, criminal records, forged document, etc.

Here's a survey on Judge John Damon, which shows he doesn't have the greatest results:

Protect your rights, especially your freedom of speech, and 14th amendment which John Damon took away from the lady who wrote the story: tell John Damon how you feel through email:

Contact him by phone or fax in his office:
Telephone (715) 538-2311 FAX (715) 538-4400

John Damon
13013 12th St
Osseo, WI 54758-7160
Phone #
(715) 597-2242

Contact Carl Bahnson another crook in on this escapade:
Carl T. Bahnson

Bahnson Law Office

2522 Gold Road ,Suite 3

Eau Claire, WI 54701

Phone: 715-835-2255

or call anybody on the supreme court of Wisconsin, here's the link:
Remember if we allow corruption to destroy the liberties in which this country was founded on, and which millions and millions of Americans have died to protect year after year since, the birth of this nation, freedom and liberty along with this nation will dissolve and never be again. Call your local congressmen and complain, call your govenor. Just do something to protect yourself against the people mentioned above. You can copy this story and post it on your webpages, print it out and show it to friends, send it to anyone you so please, just do not modify the story please, due to the fact it is all true.

Life, Liberty, and Justice for all!

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